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Scarlet Letter Essay Question Writing

Based on the book novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne scarlet letter essay questions need to attempt with great care. The scarlet letter written in 1850 is one of the author’s most famous works. The novel is set in the 17th century; it tells the story of Hester Prynne, who gives birth to an illegitimate child. There are many symbols that are used the book that start off right from the title, where the “A” in the title has been written in uppercase to signify adultery.

If you need help with homework and you have read the book then you will agree that it is an excellent book and attempting scarlet letter essay questions will not be an easy task. Hester has an affair which leads to the birth of the daughter. She keeps the identity of her lover secret to save him the public shame, which she is constantly punished at the hand of the society. The book is a story of a woman’s love and a man’s betrayal of her. You see the unconditional love the woman has for the man and no matter what she refuses to give up his name.


The scarlet letter essay questions you could be asked to comment on can be on a taboo; adultery. You will be asked to take a position on the topic and try to argue on the decisions made by the woman. Answering such a question is not an easy task, you will have to come up with evidence that you will have to research beyond the book and then give references from the book. This of course requires a lot of research and if not well researched you will not be able to respond to these questions properly.

You may be asked to critically analyze the different punishments that have been prescribed in the book and whether these are what she really deserves. You can once again take a position in on either of the cases and try writing on them.

Useful Tips for Students:

You could be asked to attempt the following scarlet letter essay questions:

The behavior of pearl throughout the book is harsh and rude, if you were pearl’s parents how would you have reacted in such a situation? Would be pleased or would you retaliate? Why?
What is Hester’s motive behind make the A and Pearl so beautiful?
Is the path chosen by Hester the correct path? If not then please justify your answer
Keeping in mind the 17th century, comment on the choice of such a sensitive topic by Hawthorne for her book
Symbolism has been used strongly in the book. How is it similar to the symbolism used in books of today?
If you are unsure on how to go about attempting the different scarlet letter essay questions because of the sensitive nature of the topic that it has been written on, the best thing to do would be to let an expert handle it. Writing on satire essay topics has its own pitfalls.

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