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A Complete Guide On How To Buy Cricket Bats – Part 1

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The cricket bat is prepared using the willow clefts either by hand or with machines to make the best cricket bat.

There are however some essential parameters that you can follow when you have to buy cricket bats online. This guide is aimed at providing you the information that will make it very easy for you to select the right cricket bat.

Types of Willow:

There are basically two types of willows used by manufacturers to make a bat –


English Willow Bats

Cricket bats made with English Willow in India actually have the willow imported all the way from England. This is because the English Willow is the best adapted for making strong cricket bats. Here are some other special qualities of the natural English Willow:


Good surface


Straight and plain grains


Kashmir Willow Bats

As the name suggests the Kashmir Willow originates in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. This willow is very good and commonly used in India because it has a batting face and is not expensive. Although it has many good points and attributes it doesn't quite match up to the English Willow because it is slightly heavier.

Willow Quality

The quality of the willow is largely dependent on the grains of the willow. These grains vary from 5 – 20 grains. The more the grains the better the willow is considered. The following traits make for a good willow:

In a good quality English willow bat, grain varies from 5 grains to 20 grains.

More grains signify better bat performance and improved batting. A bat will be treated as good quality bat if it is having subsequent willow characteristics:

Grains should be plan and within the range of 6-12

Grains should be visible

Uniform intervals between grains

The grains should be straight

Bat Size:

The size of a cricket bat is very important as this is something that every cricket player needs to best judge on their comfort level.

Cricket bats generally come in two different sizes –

  1. Youth Size
  2. Full Size

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has formally issued some standards when it comes to the width of a bat and all manufacturers have to respect these standards.

The length or size of a cricket bat largely depends on your height and the thumb rule is that if you are shorter than 5'7″ then you should buy cricket bats online of Youth Size but if you are taller than you can go for a Full Size bat.

Size of Grip/Handle

  1. Long Handle (LH)
  2. Short Handle (SH)

Long Handle or LH bats are best suited for players that have a minimum height of 6 feet. The long handle gives the batsman room to swing the bat better for controlled shots. For players shorter than 6 feet they should opt for Short Handle or SH bats

These are just some of the factors that should be remembered when buying cricket bats and selecting the right bat.

A cricket bat is one of the most important cricket equipment for a batsman. The standards of a cricket bat have been set by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and manufacturers have to abide by these factors. Here is the first part of our complete guide to help you select and <a website cricket bats online from an <a website cricket store .