How To Be Confident With Girls Tips And Techniques For Building Confidence

The difference between understanding and not understanding how to be confident with girls can significantly impact your dating success.

Being confident means you have a strong and steady trust and belief in yourself or your abilities. How do you expect her to trust and believe in you if you don't trust and believe in yourself? Stick to these guidelines regarding what you should and should not do to be confident with girls:



To learn how to be confident with girls, you need to mirror someone else who is already confident with girls.

Choose a mentor. Think up anybody you know who is good at attracting girls or who is a “natural” and learn from him. Mirror everything that they do. Pay close attention to what you think will and will not work.

Doing “Man” Stuff

Work out at the gym or learn mixed martial arts.

Going to the gym to work out is not only going to keep you healthy, but it will also help with your physical fitness, both of which can increase your confidence. Learning mixed martial arts automatically gives you the right to say that you're a fighter. And fighting has made guys more confident since the beginning of time


Dancing is closely connected to confidence.

Dancing is a major form of self expression. The point is: girls are attracted to guys who can dance. If you know you can't dance, learn how to and your confidence will increase instantly.


Music is also all about expressing yourself and can increase your confidence and have girls go crazy for you.

Take a look at rock stars, rap stars and Justin Bieber. Enough said.


Practice, practice, practice. Practice produces confidence.. Becoming confident with girls will not happen overnight but it will gradually develop if you practice at it every night.

And don't forget, confidence builds confidence. The more you are confident in one part of your life, the more it will extend to other areas of your life. In anyplace, at anytime, with anyone, you should be practicing confidence.


Complaining Nobody likes listening to a guy complain and whine about all of his problems, especially not the girls you want to date.

They have problems of their own. Whining and complaining shows her that you're definitely an unconfident amateur. Rather than wasting time whining, it's best to be a man, take initiative, and find a way to solve the problem instead.

Calling Too Often

When you call her too often, it says that you don't have anything more exciting to do with your time.

Give her some space. Consider this: If someone was calling you every hour, would you consider the caller is confident or annoying? Instead of chasing her, let her chase you. Demanding Attention People that cry out for attention can only be described by one word: insecure.

Those who are confident do not have to brag, boast, show off or be unnecessarily loud and obnoxious about it. Girls will already notice if you're confident without you having to draw attention to it.

Giving Up

Those who give up or who aren't persistent enough usually stop whenever they hit trouble.

However, learning how to be confident with girls is characterized by trying and trying again until you turn your negatives into positives. What matters is the bigger picture and your long term success. A rejection is only final when you decide it is. Collect yourself and go for it again another time.

Blowing Things Way Out of Proportion

Whenever you blow things way out of proportion or make a big deal out of small things, it shows that you lack confidence because if you can't handle the small things, you sure as hell can't handle the big things.

Girls look for guys who can handle the big things.

Learning how to be confident with girls isn't too difficult, but it does take some time. Fortunately, now that you know why and how to begin building confidence, you can get started immediately! And remember, practice, practice, practice!

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