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watchesAugust 22nd is the 109th anniversary of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s birth. The complete developing situated on North State Street, one block away from the National Road, US Highway 40, was razed and an empty lot now stands where HCB’s photo was taken. The county political office shown in the photo above was nevertheless standing in the early 1980s sitting empty with these exact same windows covered with newspaper. While I’m uncertain why HCB was in Greenfield, Indiana at the time, I can only hope the award winning Magnum photographer located Greenfield to be an exciting location, with some exciting people who don’t usually match up with what you’d expect. I find the image interesting and a bit surreal the females in the photograph are wearing mock Native American ‘buckskin’ attire, and headbands – 1 with a feather -even though exiting an political office with a sign to attract un-registered, Republican voters for the upcoming presidential election. To mark the anniversary in a private way, I located an image by HCB that was taken in my hometown, albeit ten years before my birth.

Since its founding in 1839, this famous Geneva-based firm has been surprising its clientele with superbly crafted timepieces fitted with watchmaking’s most prestigious complications. Traditional and conservative designs are found across Patek Philippe’s watches made all through their history – the utmost in understated elegance. Patek’s complicated vintage watches hold the highest number of globe records for benefits accomplished at auction compared with any other brand. 1526, ref. 3448 and 3450, chronographs such as the reference 130, 530 and 1463, as well as reference 1436 and 1563 split seconds chronographs. Patek is also properly-recognized for their classically styled, time-only “Calatrava” dress watches, and the “Nautilus,” an iconic luxury sports watch 1st introduced in 1976 as the reference 3700 that is nonetheless in production currently. Well-identified for the Graves Supercomplication – a hugely difficult pocket watch that was the world’s most complex watch for 50 years – this loved ones-owned brand has earned a reputation of excellence about the world. For collectors, key models include the reference 1518, the world’s initially serially produced perpetual calendar chronograph, and its successor, the reference 2499. Other popular models consist of perpetual calendars such as the ref.

I am listening, Gordon”. “Nick, I got two watches right here, both Rolex. It’s also very unethical and unprofessional, and frankly really irresponsible to worth items devoid of physical inspection! Yes I know you are right, but please get me out of trouble just a single additional time.” “If you want me to aid you, bring the watches more than and I’ll support you. I definitely cannot enable. Mate, quit it proper there. Can you tell me what do I will need to appear for to make confident they are original? But remember, I do charge $95 for a valuation.” “Nick, I only charge $25. You know it is impossible to inform the fake from genuine primarily based on verbal description. Gordon, I don’t consider I can assist you with that, sorry.” “Oh Nick, never be like that – I know you can. Unlike yours, my buyers are crap.” “No Gordon, it’s your valuations that are crap.

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