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Novenber 29th 2007, OFFICINE PANERAI held a “1997- 2007: Ten years of ideas” exhibition in VII Central Terminal at Hong Kong, set a milestone for the brand. The exhibition held in Novenber 29, that evening, the loyal consumers and supporters of Panerai had been invited to the private VIP dinner, frist to appreciate the valuable and distinctive watch series, which includes planet exclusive collection. 2007 was the 10th anniversary of OFFICINE PANERAI in Richemont Group. Through display its ten years series, detailed description of the history of the organization, and the initially public demonstration 4 brand new movements produced by Swiss Neuchatel. The guests presented in the dinner were the frist lucky dogs who can get pleasure from the 4 Panerai independent developed movements. In order to commemorate the particular moment, Officine Panerai held this spectacular exhibition. The 1st quit of this international exhibition was Panerai’s birthplace – Florence, Italy, and part of the exhibits will be moved to Hong Kong, hence the nearby watch fans can get pleasure from the brand’s past ten years outstanding achievements by means of the one of a kind website layout. This decade, Panerai continuously development, innovation and development, becoming well-know classic watch brand. The exhibiton not only can witness panerai’s ambitions and ideals in the improvement journey, but also can by means of the exhibition focus – marking the brand tech, fantastic craftmanship and innovation four independent created movement, see the brand’s future trend. In the evening reception of November 30, much more than 300 guests, watch enthusiasts and supporters enjoyed the exhibition very first held in Asia.

cartierSales of Cartier glasses are going from strength to strength. Cartier has always had a fantastic reputation and when men and women realise that they can get glasses made by Cartier they are incredibly keen to do so. The design and style team at Cartier apply the similar level of care and consideration to the glasses they make as they do to their well-known watches and jewellery collections. In current years, they added the capability for specialist opticians to match prescription lenses to frames developed by them. As a outcome, they launched a range of leather goods, sunglasses, perfumes, pens, lighters and other compact private products. However, it also gave other persons who could not necessarily afford to invest in Cartier watches and jewellery the chance to personal and use, on a each day basis, at least a single item created by this iconic business. They have been an pretty much quick hit. Cartier’s core consumer base appreciated the chance to comprehensive their look by wearing Cartier glasses. Many years ago, Cartier realised that their clients discerning tastes meant that they would appreciate the chance to acquire accessories created by them. For the enterprise, this was a organic progression from creating sunglasses.

However, new challenges have emerged they have been going to style a cheetah inlaid with valuable coral beads, its mosaics and course of action should show soft muscle and exclusive poses vividly. It changes with the instances altering, reflecting the modern spirit. Till nowadays, it remains a single of the representative totems of Cartier. The story amongst Cartier and cheetah began in 1914, Louis Cartier commissioned painter George to style an invitation card with a theme of “the lady and the cheetah”. Two years later, Jane very first bought a cheetah pattern vanity case embellished with exquisite clay beads. This time, talented designers put their design to a new location, the cheetah was made to be a flexible bracelet which commonly lies within the jewelry box, but when you put on it, it would show outstanding softness. On the floor of her apartment, she even decorated with magnificent leopard skin rug, displaying her adore for this animal. Sometimes, it is ferocious, often arrogant and occasionally fascinating. In the exact same year, the black and white leopard totem became one of Cartiers decorative components, appearing on the two womens watch. It transcends time and changeable fashion trends. Because of her inherent imagination and independent personality, her good friends named her “lady leopard”. Since then, the leopard became the representative animal and the iconic symbol of Cartier. Almost 30 years later, the cheetah was in a position to appear in the complete 3-dimensional shape. Jane and Louis Cartier got to know in the beginning of the First World War and she entered Cartier in 1933 and was appointed as Senior Sales Director. This function will establish historical monument for Cartier and Cheetah. Leopard rendered in clear and vivid patterns, but only the flat pattern. In 1952, the Duchess of Windsor ordered a new a single which was inlaid with diamond and agate. George took advantage of elegant style, depicted a young lady wearing a long skirt and a cheetah was beside her feet.

Which is all most of us genuinely have to have. The ‘Rolex Datejust’ comes in sizes 26mm to (‘Datejust II’) 41mm, and in lots of diverse variations, from 2-tone, to diamond dialed. This contrasts quite well against the black or white dial, and tends to make the dial stand out a little a lot more. Also verify out the ‘Rolex DateJust Turn-O-Graph’, which is a tiny less straightforward-looking as it attributes a red second hand. The ‘Rolex DateJust’ is a extremely superior selection for these seeking a watch that will go with all the things, and will final forever. As this watch comes in men’s and women’s sizes, it is also an best decision for those seeking to obtain a ‘his & hers’ set. As the ‘Rolex Datejust’ comes in smaller (26mm) sizes, it is ideal for ladies, and the ‘Rolex Ladies DateJust’ , and ‘Rolex Lady DateJust Pearlmaster’ (features the thicker ‘Pearlmaster’ wristband ) are both extremely popular with woman of all ages, and from all backgrounds. The (presently really trendy) ‘Rolex Air-King’ is a pretty clean and classic men’s watch, and though quickly the least highly-priced Rolex model, the ‘Air King’ is a preferred among young Hollywood.

Omega at one point discovered a supply of old manual wind movements put aside years before because they wouldn’t sell as manual winds. Most of the huge brands use “in-home” movements but a lot of of them use also movements from other companies. Omega won a lot of timekeeping awards with their in home products. They have been wonderful and exceptional. Rolex nonetheless makes the Rolex, Patek Philippe still makes PP and JLC dabbles in new technology of their personal design and style but stays with their automatics. Why do we choose the old in property movements? They are the ideal even constructed in residence Omega Movement that once captured various folks hearts, and Omega was far more high-priced than Rolex at that time… IWC and Panerai have some nice in-home calibers but operating also with ETA movements. At this point in the game Omega and practically all the other brands use the ETA 2824, 2892, and 7750 or a derivative thereof. Rolex made use of El Primero on their Daytona. Rolex in the 90s’ due to lack of versatility and newer model to defect Rolex. They did casing them into retro solid gold circumstances and got over HK$10,000 every single for the lot.

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