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New Driver, Similar Old McIlroy As Rory Starts Properly At Torrey Pines

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callawayA Georgia man who was observed slapping a female reporter’s rear on reside Tv pleaded guilty Tuesday to a misdemeanor charge of sexual battery. Under Georgia law, sexual battery is punishable by up a year in jail. A video clip of the incident was viewed millions of instances on social media. Callaway was running in the race and reached out to strike a stunned Bozarjian as he passed her. Before his arrest last year, Callaway gave an on-camera apology and said he never intended to slap the reporter’s rear. Thomas Callaway was sentenced to a year on probation and fined $1,000 right after entering his plea, according to records filed in Chatham County Recorder’s Court. The judge also ordered him to carry out 200 hours of neighborhood service. He stated he was raising his arm trying to pat her on the back or the shoulder and did not realize until seeing the video that he had touched her buttocks. Callaway, 44, was arrested and charged in December right after he was caught on camera swatting the rear finish of WSAV-Tv reporter Alex Bozarjian as she was reporting live on a Savannah road race.

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Scott McNealy, who co-founded and led Sun Microsystems for many years before its sale to Oracle last year, is once again engaging in the technologies globe. Mike Schmitz, who says he’s senior director of consumer solutions and marketing and advertising at WayIn on his LinkedIn profile, has the most detailed description. Start-ups can be fluid of course, and not every person sees them the very same way. And he’s involved in business once more, also, as chairman of stealth get started-up WayIn. WayIn’s director of software program improvement is Liqun “Lea” Wang, according to her LinkedIn profile. However, Guy Nemiro shows a somewhat various view on his LinkedIn page. Fittingly for the 1-man sound bite factory, McNealy has taken to Twitter, dishing up snarky remarks and relishing the reality that not becoming CEO of a organization indicates he does not have to be politically right. Wang spent six years at Sun, running the Kenai internet site for hosting application projects, then stayed with Oracle until February. McNealy is not dishing on WayIn, but some specifics are bubbling up.