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Perfect workout shirt

I’m a little biased because I’m a fan of most MLB, but this is a great shirt. I got cubs turn back the clock jersey Medium. I’m 5’7″ 147 lbs, and the shirt is a little tight across the chest (but not too much to warrant trading in for a large), the sleeves come to mid-bicep, the bottom of the shirt comes just below my belt-line, and it’s not tight at all at the waist. The fabric has a great texture and feel. What I like best about this shirt is that I can wear it to the gym, or for a casual night out with jeans and still look good.

When I ride, I like to tuck in my base layer into my short/pants, then I usually have another shirt or jersey over that untucked. With regular base layers, it would always untuck and drive me crazy lol. However, the tall version (which isn’t much longer) does the trick. No more exposed butt crack, even though it’s covered by the outer jersey, and I feel more comfortable when riding my bike.

From chart, perfect fit. If polyester feels comfortable it looks like smooth silk with exceptional colors and patterns. Look around, almost no body looks nicer without polyester! Maybe sitting too long a little sweaty underarms? Minor. So far laundered well and dried in minutes, LOL. Most of all super good looking with fabulous patterns and combinations. I bought too many already. I’m artistic professionally AND the devil made me do it!

This shirt fits great across the shoulders, and allows room across the belly region allowing it to hit just under the belt. It is not to tight or to loose and seems to fit right in between. The fabric is not cotton so doesn’t have the shrink effect that is never desired. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for a shirt in this material and is a little heavier.