The World’s Most Unusual Eco Friendly Products

It’s also long-lasting giving you good service for about 4-6 months. It’s one of those life-changing sustainable products. Some of the companies on our list recycle or reuse their old products to turn into new ones, which saves on materials. As you may notice with the other companies on this list, “sustainability” means more than just not polluting the planet. Our move towards companies that share our interest in protecting the planet comes at a time when the choice is becoming more and more of a no-brainer. We’ve all heard, “It’s about the bottom line.” But many companies disagree, instead operating on a triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit. First and foremost is the reality that we only have one planet, and we all share it. Many of these companies (like those on our list) are focused on not only not harming the planet, but actually having a net positive impact. The environmental area of the assessment is very stringent and thorough, and often, B Corp Certified companies provide an impact report that details their sustainability plan and implementation. If environmental efforts are at the core of a company’s existence, you can expect they will have information about their environmental impact and mission readily available, right?

This speaker is also equipped with a technology which makes it detect the right angle to play the music towards right where you are standing. With climate change standing at the forefront of global concerns among world leaders, it’s important to take steps on your own that will help make your lifestyle more sustainable. A newer certification (that we also have) that is an indicator of an eco-friendly business is a Climate Neutral. For example, as we have mentioned time and time again, and again, B Corporation certification is considered the gold standard for better-for-the-world business practices. In the UAE, one of the go-to spots for reusable nappies is Eggs & Soldiers in Dubai’s Time Square Centre, but you can also find them online, on shops such as First Cry. If environmental sustainability isn’t the first thing you think of when you see an e-commerce company, that’s because it generally shouldn’t! But, A Good Company is on a mission to change e-commerce for that exact reason. Is that Nespresso pod one of the first things you reach for in the morning? One way to be far more eco friendly straws-friendly is by buying a filter, which will reduce contaminants when you’re drinking tap water.

The more friends you convince, the more people you share articles like this one with, the more people will begin using environmentally friendly products in their everyday lives, and that is how we change the world. Buying Eco-friendly products or green alternatives has an obvious importance of causing less harm to the environment. By buying sustainable goods, you’re saying no to environmental degradation and yes to protecting our world. It’s much better than buying plastic water bottles to take out. If you want to learn more about Preserve and their background, listen in to our conversation with the CEO, Eric Hudson where we discussed how to keep plastic out of the ocean! They take action to preserve the planet through environmental policy advocacy, promoting environmental awareness and local participation in conservation efforts, partnering with other movements and organizations and more! Seriously if you take care of this razor, it will last forever. For the last 35 years, they have pledged 1% of sales to the conservation of the natural environment.

Made from FSC oak with a natural finish, they’re non-leaching and eco-friendly. For both labels, ECOCERT Standard imposes that a minimum of 95% of the total ingredients come from natural origin. Cleancult sells reusable glass containers along with proprietary cleaning solutions made with coconut oil and other plant-based ingredients. What makes cleaning products eco-friendly? Making your own cleaning products is the most sustainable choice. You can find our PEFC certified products here. For more on decreasing plastic use in the bathroom, click here. When you learn about the environmental commitments of some companies, you realize that “eco-friendly” is much more than just not harmful to the environment. For these companies, negatively affecting the environment is out of the question-that discussion, for them, is how substantial their positive contribution is. You can also pick up reusable wipes (the amount of these parents go through outnumbers nappies considerably) and a wet bag to keep soiled nappies in while you’re out of the house. Besides these famous plastic shoes, they also make clothes and sneakers out of recycled polyester which is trending among eco fans. Even as travelers, we use a plethora of eco-friendly products that can make a huge difference.

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